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frequently asked questions
  • What is working hour?

    After receiving the list of tasks from you, our specialist analyses this list and calculates the costs for its implementation. Price is counted in the hours required by one specialist for the implementation of your task. Implementation of the task begins after your agreement with the estimation of total costs.

  • Who will help you?

    Our team is fully staffed, you will contact with a dedicated project manager and / or technical support specialist, behind your backs your problem will be solved by WordPress programmers with average 5 years experience, front-end developer, system administrator and seo-specialist.

  • Only WordPress?

    Yes. Today, we believe that by choosing this system for your site, you make the most optimal choice in favor of a very popular product.

  • What can we do for you?

    Website from scratch, fix technical errors on the site, speed up website load time, create templates, create custom plugins.

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